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Morten Rognskog


about Morten Rognskog

Morten Rognskog is an experienced and versatile film composer with a great love for films and film music.

He specializes in narrative score for film, and can do composing & arranging, score MIDI programming, score mixing, and live recording production.

Born in 1973 in Tromsø Norway, from a family of musicians, car mechanics, and academic educators, he has worked with music his entire adult life. Best known for scoring the Tribeca winner and 2023 Oscar nominated short film “Night Ride” (Nattrikken), and the Norwegian/Swedish/Dansh (NRK/SVT/DR) 4-part docudrama “Front Fighters” (Frontkjempere).

Morten is a trained audio engineer and keyboard player, and he occationally plays his electric bass (badly :) ). He specialize in film music, but he's also making music for commercials, podcasts, and promotional content, etc.

Morten comes from a background as a recording studio engineer and pop/rock songwriter & producer. He worked as a instrument technician for Norwegian band a-ha when he was just 19 years old, and he's worked as a sound engineer for various recording studios in and around Oslo during the 1990s. 

His ability with adapting preferred working methods, including remote collaborations, comes naturally for Morten because of his former background as a sound engineer and his experience with working for various film directors around the world.

In 2014 Morten started working with film music, and since then he has scored several short films, features, and documentaries.

His biggest influences includes:

Thomas Newman, Daniel Pemberton, James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, Jonny Greenwood, Vangelis, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Danny Elfman, Jóhann Jóhannson. And artists/bands/producers Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Quincy Jones, ABBA, Radiohead, Tears For Fears, Chemical Brothers, Air, The Beatles, Max Martin, Trevor Horn, Nile Rodgers, Massive Attack… and many, many more.

Morten lives in Oslo Norway, with his girlfriend and their son. And he has an extensive network of top professional musicians, sound designers, and fellow composers.

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Film score demos & showreel

A selection of film score demos composed and arranged by Morten rognskog, 2015-16, and his 2020 film score showreel.

"Night Ride"

Trailer from the 2023 Oscar nominated short film "Night Ride",
with the original score composed by Morten Rognskog.

Short Films

Two experimental narrative short films, "Void" and "Correct", with original score composed by Morten Rognskog.